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17 April 2012

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PDF has been the format of choice for creating presentations, reports, official documents, and the likes, primarily due to its impressive appearance, and data security as the content is embedded within it. But, for viewing these files, you’d require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader application installed over your PC. This often turns into a trouble, if you’ve to display your PDF presentation onto a PC that doesn’t have Adobe Reader installed on it. In such a case, instead of going for the troubling task of installing Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on every PC you’ve to work with, you can opt for a much convenient way. An easier mode of reading your PDF files without requiring you to download Adobe Reader or Acrobat is by converting your PDF files into Executables with the help of PDF2EXE 3.0. With the utility, you can turn your PDF documents into EXE files, along with associating encryption, password protection, disable printing, and other such features.

Using the PDF2EXE is easier for you in terms of both features and functioning. When you’ve opened the necessary PDF file with the utility, it would be shown at right page viewing area. To assign specific attributes to your output executable file, you’re offered several features with left pane. You can mark the desired conversion settings and get the resulting file prepared for further use. Using the settings you can mark features to fit width after loading PDF pages, disable EXE conversion to other format, disable Save PDF and/or EXE to Text or Image, prohibit PDF extraction from EXE, disable PDF/EXE printing, restrict properties display, and disable full screen mode. In addition, you can maximize program after loading PDF pages, remove Status and Tool bars, launch slideshow after initialization, disable Options menu, compress and encrypt PDF file before conversion, enable password protection, add your company URL, and restrict modifications to EXE. Applying the necessary settings, you can finally ‘Save’ the PDF file as EXE.

With the PDF2EXE utility, you can expertly convert your important PDF presentations, reports, etc into EXE files to view them without requiring a PDF reader. Considering the application’s intuitive feature-set, and speedy and reliable performance giving quality output, it’s been rated with 4.5 points.

Publisher's description

PDF2EXE is a SHAREWARE program to quickly convert PDF to EXE, making PDF readable on any computer without Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software installed. The conversion from PDF to EXE preserves the look and feel of the original document.
Compress, encrypt PDF document
Set password for the converted EXE file
Disable conversion from PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT
Disable printing of PDF file
Launch slide show after initialization
Disable conversion from EXE to image formats
Disable document properties
Disable menu options
Disable full screen mode
Disable extraction of content from PDF file
Maximize Windows after loading PDF pages
Prevent generated EXE from modification
Secure PDF with password
Set your own company or author information
Support Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, and Windows 8, 7, Vista.
With PDF2EXE, you can distribute your Adobe PDF files to your customers, share PDF documents with your friends without worrying about whether they can read it or not. PDF2EXE users can have more control over PDF files.
Distribution royalties for the generated EXE files.
Version 5.0
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